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WoD 042618

Thursday April 26th 2018 A.) mobility :60 second banded pec stretch :60 second lat smash :60 second sink mobility

B.) Warm up:

2 rounds of :250m row 10 push-ups 5 ring dips 10 SLRDL 10 goblet squats

C.) Bench press 5x5 (Add weight from the last time we benched, two weeks ago, if pressing for the first time, pick a weight around 70-75% to work sets across)

D.) 15 minute station rotation Minute 1: assault bike :30 seconds Minute 2: 100 m shuttle sprints Minute 3: 30 double unders

( sub 2:1 singles, or :30 seconds of practice) (Scale this workout as necessary, this is a highly aerobic WOD that will catch up with you very quickly! So understand that and eat after it!)

E.) 4x15 bicep curls AHAP (after such an aerobic wod, work on a nice arm pump to take home with you!) Have fun, work hard, work smart, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram


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