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WOD Sunday April 29th 2018

A.) Mobility

:60 seconds couch stretch

:60 seconds pigeon stretch

:60 seconds oh band distraction

B.) Warm up: 2 rounds of

10 bb back squats

10 bb good mornings

10 situps

10 pullups/ring rows

10 pushups

C.) 20 minutes open skill/ Make up a lift from this past week

(If you missed any of last weeks lifting days pick one you feel you need the most and use the 20 minutes to work through those sets. If you were here for all the lifts, use this time to work on some skill work youd like to get better at)

D.) 4 sets against a 3 minute clock

Row 400m

Max Wall balls with time remaining

(rest 3 minutes between sets)

Push yourself on the row but not to the point that you are not able to hit the wall balls hard, find a consistent pace that allows you to finish the row and shoot for 20+ wall balls)

E.) Mobilize

Have fun, Work hard, Work smart, Get strong, and #Trusttheprogram

-Coach Joshua

#WoD #CrossFit #Strongerthanyesterday


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