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WOD Sunday May 27th 2018

A.) Mobility:

:60 seconds Couch stretch

:60 seconds Pigeon stretch

:60 second hip floss

B,) Warm up:

2 rounds standard warm up:

10 Bb back squats

10 Bb good mornings

10 sit-ups

10 pull-ups/ring rows

10 push-ups

B.) 15-20 minute open skill/make up a missed lift from this past week

(It's important not to miss lifts throughout the strength cycle, so if you missed any lifting days last week such as squat, press, deadlift, Or Oly, Iwould encourage you to choose one to make up)

C.) for time:

5000m row

(Scale distance as needed)

D.) mobilize/ 5 minute cool Down row

Have fun, work hard, work smart, push yourself, and #Trusttheprogram

Coach Joshua


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