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WOD Friday June 15th 2018

This workout is dedicated as Jeremiahs going away wod, Friday will be his last day in massachusetts before he heads home to virginia to pursue his crossfit certification and coaching, If you have met jeremiah through class or during our Friday night throwdown during the open, you know he is not only a great athlete, but a great person as well. He has brought a positive attitude from day 1 and has shown his relentless work ethic. Jeremiah has been an essential addition to our crossfit community and he will absolutely be missed, So if you can, come out to the 5:30Pm class and work out with Jeremiah as he attacks the very first wod he did at Stronger than yesterday in a sort of brutal nostalgia! If you cant make it to 5:30pm then you will be wodding in his honor regardless!!! We wish you the best in your next chapter and hope to see you again soon! This wods for you Brother!

-Coach Joshua

A.) Mobility

:60 second couch stretch

:60 second pigeon stretch

:60 second banded ankle flexion

B.) Warm up:

2 rounds

200m row

10 single leg rdl

10 pvc oh squats

10 good mornings

10 pushups

10 ring rows

C.) Power Clean

4 sets of (1.1.1)

(Triples reset from the floor after each rep, warm up to around 65-70% and build through 4 sets)

D.) "Jeremiah's 18.2"

In 12 minutes

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time

Dumbell squats 50/35 35/20

Bar facing burpees

18.2b 1 rep max Clean

(all work must be completed withing the 12 minute time frame, you must complete all squats and burpees in order to attempt the max clean)

E.) 5 min cool down row/ mobilize

Work hard, Have fun, Work smart, Get strong, and #Trusttheprogram


Coach Joshua


168 Northampton St.
Easthampton, MA 01027

(413) 282-7052


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