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WOD Saturday June 16th 2018

A.) warm up:

:60 second oh band distraction

:60 second banded bully

:60 second hip floss


Emom: 6 minutes

Odd: 3-5 hs kickups with :5 second hold

Even: 10 wall balls 20/14


3 rounds with empty barbell

5 press

5 push press

5 Jerks

B.) press 5x5

(Choose a weight somewhere around 70-75%. of your 1rm if you have numbers to go off of and do sets across with the weight that you choose)

C.) for time:

50 deadlifts 155/103

40 Russian Kb swings 55/35

30 push Jerks 115/73

40 Russian Kb swings 55/35

50 deadlifts 155/103

(Athletes will each have one barbell and strip weight for the push Jerks, and add weight back in for second set of deads, scale weight as needed, if you don't have push Jerks down yet, stay with push press)

D.) Banded tricep pulldowns x15-20 reps

Superset with

Banded face pulls x15 reps

E) mobilize

Have fun, work hard, work smart, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram

Coach Joshua


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