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WOD Tuesday July 3rd 2018

A.) mobility

:60 seconds couch stretch

:60 seconds super front rack

:60 seconds pigeon stretch

B.) Warmup:

500m row


3 rounds with the empty barbell of:

3 Clean deadlifts

3 Clean pulls

3 Clean High pulls

3 Muscle Clean

3 power Clean

3 squat Clean

C.) Find your 1RM power Clean

(Warm up slowly, make smart jumps with your power clean, efficient warmup will lead to more successful lifts towards your max, if you are brand new to cleans or aren't comfortable working up to a max, work up to a heavy double or triple for the day)

D.) Power clean tester with 80% of what you worked up to for your max:

3 minutes max power cleans

(3 minutes rest)

2 minutes max power cleans

(2 minutes rest)

1 minute max power cleans

E.) Mobilize


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