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WOD Friday July 20th 2018

A.) Mobilty

:60 seconds Couch Stretch

:60 seconds OH band distraction

30x PVC dislocates

Then 3 sets of 3 reps OH wall squat therapy with pause at 3 positions

B.) Warm up

500m row

Then 3 rounds of

3 Snatch deadlifts

3 snatch pulls

3 snatch high pulls

3 muscle snatch

3 power snatch

3 ohs

C.) 5 sets of

Snatch+Hang snatch+Snatch+3OHS

(Choose a weight that allows you to efficiently execute the complex, if you dont have overhead squats yet, add a 2nd hang snatch to the complex and work at a weight that allows you to work on technique, TECHNIQUE dictates load!)

D.) For time "Randy"

75 Power snatches for time 75/53

(scale snatch weight as needed)

E.) 4 sets of

Anterior (Front) delt raises with a plate x15 reps

superset with

Trap raises with plates x12 reps

rest :90 seconds between sets

Have fun, work hard, work smart, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram

Coach Joshua


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