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WOD Thursday August 2nd 2018

A.) mobility: :60 seconds couch stretch :60 seconds banded hamstring stretch :60 seconds banded pec stretch

B.) Warm up 3 rounds 200m row 10 Kb deadlifts 10 push-ups 10 good mornings

C.) Deadlift 6-5-4-4 (Starting weight should be around 70%, build throughout 4 working sets)

D.) Bench press 4x12 reps Add 5# from last week if possible, make notes on how these sets feel week to week, so that you know whether you should move up in weight the following week)

E.) For time 100 ring push-ups/push-ups (Scale push-ups to a box as needed, if you feel that 100 is not realistic for you, talk to your coach about an appropriate number to hit)

**Work hard, work smart, have fun, push yourself, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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