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WOD Tuesday August 14th 2018

Tuesday August 14th 2018

A.) mobility :60 second hip floss :60 second lat smash :60 second banded pec stretch

B.) Warm up 3 rounds 200m row 10 Kb deadlifts 10 Kb swings 10 push-ups 10 good mornings

C.) Deadlift 6-5-4-4 (Starting weight should be around 70%, build throughout 4 working sets)

D.) Bench press 4x12 reps Add 5# from last week if possible, make notes on how these sets feel week to week, so that you know whether you should move up in weight the following week)

E.) 6 sets of 250m row sprint (Rest 1:15 between sets) PUSH YOURSELVES

Work hard, work smart, have fun, push yourself, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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