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WOD Tuesday August 21st 2018

Tuesday August 21st 2018

A.) mobility :60 seconds couch stretch :60 seconds super front rack :60 seconds oh band distraction

B.) Warmup: 3 rounds with the empty barbell of: 3 Clean deadlifts 3 Clean pulls 3 Clean High pulls 3 Muscle Clean 3 power Clean 3 squat Clean 3 push press 3 Jerks

C.) 5 sets of Clean+hang Clean+clean+Jerk (Reset from the floor after the first hang Clean, pick a weight you feel comfortable moving technically sound, and build off of that for 5 sets, if you don't have your Jerks down yet stay with push press)

D.) Emom x12 7 power cleans 135/93 8 push press 135/93 (Scale weights as needed, these weights should be challenging for you!)

E.) Mobilize/cool down row Have fun, work hard, work smart, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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