WOD Saturday September 1st 2018

September 1, 2018

Saturday September 1st 2018


"Saved by the barbell"


A.) mobility
:60 second couch stretch
:60 second banded hamstring stretch
:60 oh band distraction


B.) Warmup 2 rounds of 
250m row
10 Bb power cleans
5 wall balls
10 sit-ups 
10 ring rows 
10 push-ups


C.) Warm up movements for the workout (deadlifts, and hang power cleans, setting up sit-up stations)


D.) 3 rounds for max reps of:
1 minute of burpees�
1 minute of wall-ball shots
1 minute of deadlifts�
1 minute of med-ball sit-ups�
1 minute of hang power cleans�
Rest 1 minute
Men: 20-lb. ball, 115-lb. deadlifts and cleans�
Women: 14-lb. ball, 75-lb. deadlifts and cleans


**This workout is in support of Crossfit kids and expanding access to Crossfit for kids around the world, if you'd like to register for a T-Shirt and a spot on the online leaderboard click the link below! Also you can donate any amount on the donation page within the link, even if you don't register! Every dollar helps! So come on out, and let's get after this workout for the kids! You're either a Zach Morris....or a Mr Belding...the choice is yours!
-coach Joshua



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