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WOD Tuesday October 16th 2018

WOD Tuesday October 17th 2018

A.) Mobility :60 second couch stretch :60 second hip floss :60 second oh band distraction

B.) warm up 3 rounds of 200m row 10 Bb back squats 10 Bb push press 10 single leg rdls 10 kip swings 10 sit ups

C.) For 20 minutes rotate through each station

Station 1: 100m shuttle sprint

Station2: 30 Russian Kb twists(15 per side)

Station 3: :30 second assault bike

Station 4: 10 sit-ups (anchored) (Scale reps as needed)

D.) 3 sets of :30-:60 second weighted plank Superset with :30-:60 second superman hold

E.) Cool down row/mobilize Have fun, work hard, work smart, push yourself, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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