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WOD Friday October 26th 2018

WOD Friday October 26th 2018

A.) mobility :60 second banded pigeon :60 second ham string pulls with band (lying on back) :60 second hip floss

B.) warm up 3 rounds 200m row 10 RDLs 5/side 10 squat to stand 10 banded good mornings 10 Bb deadlift

C) Find today's deadlift 1rm Suggested warm up 5 reps @ 50% 4 reps @60% 3 reps @70% 2 reps @75% 1 rep @80% Continue with singles until you've reached your max for the day! (Remember this is only a suggested warm up protocol, if you need more or less reps to warm up properly and reserve energy talk to your coach about a protocol that works best for you, everyone is different when it comes to maxing out Rest as needed between sets

D.) For time: 1000m row Rest 4 minutes 500m row Rest 2 minutes 250m sprint

Have fun, work hard, work SMART, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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