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WOD Wednesday October 31st 2018

Wednesday October 31st


A.) Mobility 60 seconds Couch stretch :60 seconds Pigeon stretch :60 second OH band distraction

B.) 3 rounds of: 100m row 5 Bb power clean 5 Bb front squats 5 push press 5 sit-ups 5 pull-ups/ring rows 5 push-ups Then prepare equipment for the wod!

C.) "Crossfit Stronger Than Yesterdays Halloween Hopper" in teams of 2, 30min amrap (Teammates will go to the "hopper" and pick a movement at random out of the jug, the teammates will perform whatever is written, break up any way you want between the two of you, once they complete the given reps, teammate 2 will pick the next movement! Be prepared for anything and everything! Once you shout out the movement to your partner put it back in the jug! Workout could/will include: Burpees Push ups Box jumps Rope Climbs Rowing Double unders Mountain climbers Air squats Med ball cleans Walking lunges Power/Muscle cleans Push press Handstand push-ups Muscle ups Deadlifts Toes to bar Pull ups/ring rows Kettle bell swings Sit ups (Pick one weight on the barbell for whatever movements come up, KEEP THIS WEIGHT LIGHT, so you can move quickly and efficiently! This should be a fun workout so make sure to prepare for anything and communicate well with your teammate!)

Have fun, celebrate Halloween in style, and get a great workout in! FEEL FREE TO DRESS UP AND WORK OUT IN STYLE! #Youcantdieifyouarealreadydead #HappyHalloween #Constantlyvaried#TRUSTTHEPROGRAM! Coach Joshua


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