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WOD Tuesday January 29th 2019

A.) mobility :60 seconds couch stretch :60 seconds super front rack :60 second hip floss :60 second banded pigeon stretch

B.) Warmup: 500m row Then 2 rounds of: 10 Bb power cleans 10 Bb front squats 5 box jumps 10 kettle-bell swings 5 handstand kickups

C.) Power clean test out! Suggested warm up 5 reps @ 50% 4 reps @60% 3 reps @70% 2 reps @75% 1 rep @80% Continue with singles until you've reached your max for the day! (Warm up the way that works best for you, some people need more or less reps to prepare to test out their 1rm, if you are unsure, follow the suggested warmup and loading sequence)

D.) Power clean capacity test 3 minutes max power clean @75/80% Rest 3 minutes 2 minutes max power clean Rest 2 minutes 1 minute max power cleans (If you are confident in your ability to move 80% of your 1rm for reps with good technique stay at that percentage, if you are unsure, work around 75%, please keep track of this test as it is and will be a repeatable test of strength and capacity)

E.) 5 minute cool down row/mobilize Have fun, work hard, work smart, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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