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Wednesday February 6th 2018

A. Mobility :60 second banded pec stretch :60 second sink mobility :60 second lat smash

B.) warm up: 2 rounds 200m row 10 wall balls 10 push-ups 10 ring rows 5 box jumps

C.) Bench press 20-15-10-5 Find a weight you can hit for 20 reps, think 30-40% of your 1rm, and build through 4 sets

D) "Joshua Ulan" 5 rounds for time of: 10 deadlifts 275/183 12 Strict pull-ups 12 ring dips (Strict) 20 deficit Push-ups 45# plate/25#plate (I can't emphasize this enough, Scale this workout if this workload seems like too much, it's a very taxing workout, muscle failure and fatigue will play a big role)

E.) 3-4 sets of Bicep curls x15 reps Superset with banded tricep pulldowns x20

Mobilize! Have fun, work hard, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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