WOD February 7th 2019

February 7, 2019

WOD February 7th 2018


A.) Mobility:
:60 seconds Couch stretch 
:60 seconds banded hamstring 
:60 second oh band distraction


B.) Warmup 3 rounds of 
250m row 
15 double unders 
10 medball cleans 
10 box jumps 
10 Kb deadlift 
10 sit-ups 
10 ring rows


C.) 5 mins run prep


D.) 20 minute amrap 
400m run 
10 toes to bar 
12 renegade rows (6 per side)
30 double unders

(Find a pace you can hold for 20 minutes, Scale as needed)


E.) 5 minute Cool down row/mobility 
Have fun, work hard, work smart, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram
Coach Joshua

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