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WOD Friday April 26th 2019

WOD Friday April 26th 2019 A.) Mobility :60 second couch stretch :60 second banded hamstring :60 second oh band distraction B.) Warmup 2 rounds 250m row 10 bb power clean 10 Kb deadlift 10 kB swings 10 sit-ups 10 ring rows C.) Deadlift 6 sets of 6 reps Work up to a weight around 70% of your 1rm and work all 5 sets across at that weight) (Again....Do not ego lift! These reps should be executed with good position! Aim for quality reps over trying to max out your weight!) D.) 10 minute amrap 5 Power clean 135/93 7 burpees over the bar 9 Russian kB swings 55/35 (Scale as needed) E.) 3 sets of Banded good mornings x25 @30x1 tempo Have fun, work hard, work smart, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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