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WOD Monday July 15th 2019

A.) Mobility :60 Couch stretch :60 Spider-Man stretch :60 super front rack

B.) Warmup 2 rounds of: 250m row 10 bb muscle cleans 10 wall balls 10 box jumps 10 Russian kB swings 10 Cossack squats

C.) Power clean 1RM Test (Slowly build up to find your 1RM power clean with good form! Technique always takes precedence over load! Be safe!)

D.) Power clean capacity tester 3 minutes max reps @75% 3 minutes rest 2 Minutes max reps @75% 2 minutes rest 1 minute max reps @75% ( 3 separate scores, one for each round, write this one down, we will repeat it after each strength cycle)

E.) 5 minute cool down row/Mobilize Have fun, work hard, work smart, push yourself, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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