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WOD Friday July 19th 2019

WOD Friday July 19th 2019

A. Mobility :60 seconds couch stretch :60 seconds banded pigeon stretch :60 second super front rack

B.) 500m row at 70% pace Then 2 rounds of 10 goblet squats 10 Cossack squats 10 box jumps 10 Bb good mornings 10 Kb deadlift 10 bb power clean

C.) Front squat test out! Suggested warm up 5 reps @ 50% 4 reps @60% 3 reps @70% 2 reps @75% 1 rep @80% Continue with singles until you've reached your max for the day!

D.) For the board! 2000m row! (This is an important capacity/endurance test so although I know many of you dislike rowing, understand this is a very good indicator of where we are in our longer distance capacity)

E.) Mobilize! Work hard, have fun, work smart, get strong, test out, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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