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WOD Wednesday August 28th 2019

WOD Wednesday August 28th 2019

A.) Mobility :60 seconds couch stretch :60 seconds banded hamstring :60 seconds oh band distraction

B.) Warmup: in teams of 2: 4 rounds each alternating of: 12 kB deadlift 10 sit-ups 100m fun

C.) Deadlift 5-5-5 Start at 75% and build through 3 sets

D.) AJ’s Going away WOD In teams of 2: 25 minute amrap 10 deadlifts 225/153 20 toes to bar 30 Russian kB swings 55/35 500m row (One partner works at a time, split reps evenly) **AJ Adams has recently accepted a new job in New York and will be moving there this week, this will be his final wod with us for a while as he takes on his next adventure in life, anyone that knows AJ knows that he is a great guy, and an awesome workout partner. He’s been with us for over a year now and has become a regular at the 5:30pm class. I’d like to thank him for being such a special part of our gym by sending him off with a going away wod, so if you can make it to the 5:30pm class to throw down with AJ and the rest of us, please try and make it so we can send him off right!

E.) 5 minute cool down row/Mobilize Have fun, work hard, work smart, push yourself, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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