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WOD THORSDAY September 19th 2019

WOD THORSDAY September 19th 2019

A.) Mobility :60 second couch stretch 60: second oh band distraction :60 second pec stretch (5 min Jerk review)

B.) Warmup: 2 rounds each relay style 100m run 10 bb push press 10 pushups 10 box jumps

C.) Press 8-8-8 (Start around 50% and build)

C2.) Push press 6-6-6

(Build off heaviest set of presses)

C3.) Jerk 4-4-4 (Build off Heaviest set of Push press)

D.) 3 sets of 3 minute amraps: 4 push press 115/73 6 pull-ups Rest 2 minutes between sets

E.) 4 sets of Barbell upright row x15 reps Superset with barbell bicep curls x12 reps Have fun, work hard, work smart, get strong, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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