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WOD Tuesday November 26th 2019

WOD Tuesday November 26th 2019

A.) mobility :60 seconds sink mobility :60 seconds banded pec stretch :60 second lat smash

B.) Warmup: 2 rounds of 250m row 5 burpees 5 pushups 6 db snatch 5 pull-ups

C.) Emom x14 Even-bench press x 8 Odd- db row on bench x8 reps per arm (Warm up to 60%and work sets across)

D.) 12 minute amrap 2 rope climbs 15 Russian kB swings 10 alt dB snatches 12 ring dips (Scale as needed)

E.) 3-4 sets of DB bicep curls x12 reps Superset with banded tricep pulldowns x15 Have fun, work hard, work smart, push yourself, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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