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WOD Tuesday January 28th 2020

WOD Tuesday January 28th 2020

A.) Mobility :60 second couch stretch on bench :60 second oh band distraction :60 second super front rack

B,) Warmup 400m run then 15-10-5 bb push press ring rows situps

C1.)Press 5-5-5-5 (Warm up to 70% and build through 4 sets

C2.) Push press 4-4-4-4 Start where you finished your strict press and build

C3.) Jerk 3-3-3 Build as technique allows split/push

D.) 10 minute amrap 5 hspu/dB push press 10 ring dips 15 Russian kB swings (Scale as needed)

E.) 3-4 sets of Anterior delt raise w/ barbell x12 Supers with Lateral delt raise w/ dbs x12

Have fun, work hard, work smart, push yourself, and #Trusttheprogram Coach Joshua


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